A man from Gaston County is now facing a DWI charge after driving through a DWI checkpoint in Gastonia. Normally this would not be that out of the ordinary, however this man is being charged with his third DWI over a three month time span.  The most recent DWI charge occurred at the checkpoint this past Friday. DWI Attorney

He tried to flee from police after driving up to the checkpoint but was apprehended. His BAC was a 0.13.  Not only has he been charged with DWI three times this year, he was also charged with a DWI in 2011.

If someone is charged with a DWI in North Carolina it is most likely going to be a misdemeanor as almost all DWI charges fall within the misdemeanor category.  The exception to this is if someone is charged as a habitual DWI offender which is punished as a felony in North Carolina as well as vehicular manslaughter while DWI.  Those who are found to be habitual DWI offenders face a minimum of one year in prison, permanent loss of driving privileges, and hefty fines.

In order to be found guilty of habitual offender DWI, the defendant must have been arrested for DWI at least four times within the past 10 years.  If you are convicted not only will you face the punishment listed above, but you could also have your vehicle taken away and may be ineligible to appeal your conviction.  This charge is the most serious of the DWI charges because since it is a felony you face much tougher penalties than other DWI charges.

Considering this man has been arrested for DWI four times within the past 10 years it is possible he may be classified as a habitual offender.

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