When it comes to hangovers, there’s never a shortage of ideas on how to cure them. For example, drinking black coffee or even more alcohol are just a couple of ideas for getting rid of them. However, studies show there’s not much you can do to cure a hangover besides giving it time. But, there are a few hangover relievers you can put into place before the night is over. Furthermore, those first few steps are you wake up can be crucial to avoiding a nasty hangover.

Hangover Relievers: Avoiding Morning After Woes

Water and Sports Drinks

Alcohol serves as a drink that dehydrates your body. Therefore, many  hangover symptoms stem from dehydration. For example, headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness are all symptoms of both hangovers and dehydration. Therefore, in order to ease them, it’s important to become hydrated as quickly as possible. So, water and sports drinks can actually work as hangover relievers. Both of these drinks hydrate the body quickly, helping reduce some of these symptoms.


Painkillers can be some of the most reliable hangover relievers. They can help ease symptoms like headaches and muscle pain. However, you must be careful when taking painkillers if you’re having stomach pain. Due to the make-up of this type of medicine, painkillers tend to irritate the stomach lining. In many cases, hangover symptoms will include pain in the stomach or nausea, which painkillers can then make worse. Therefore, you’ll want to be careful about turning to painkillers as hangover relievers.

Fruits and Fruit Juice

Fruits come loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients. These can give your body the fuel it needs after a night of drinking. In addition, they can increase your energy and speed up the process of getting rid of toxins from the alcohol. Therefore, fruits serve as safe and healthy hangover relievers. Furthermore, bananas can be restore potassium levels.

If you don’t enjoy eating just plain fruit, go for a healthy fruit juice instead. Fruit juices work great as hangover relievers because they give you vitamins and nutrients while also letting you rehydrate. In short, nothing will immediately take your hangover away. Only time and rest can really do the trick. However, this list shows that you can turn to hangover relievers to ease your suffering.