Most people figure that it’s easy to tell when someone is battling an addiction. However, a high-functioning addict can typically defy that characteristic and continue on in their daily life. If you suspect that someone close to you might be suffering, it might be more difficult for you to make the distinction. But, we’re here to help…

High-Functioning Addict: Potential Indicators

Excessive usage

As a high-functioning addict is still an addict, they will be using some substance too much than they should. The thing is, they’ll be much better at hiding this than other addicts. They might do this by sneaking away or coming up with some other method for them to hide their usage.

These addicts also tend to appear to have a high tolerance for the substance they’re addicted to. For instance, despite them drinking enough for anyone to be intoxicated, they might still appear to be just fine. While you may write this off as them having a high tolerance, if it constantly happens, it may be because of an addiction.

Denial and excuses

Much like with other addicts, a high-functioning addict will try and deny their excessive usage. Instead, they’ll try and come up with a lot of excuses. One common one is “I’m just trying to relax after work.” Considering how many people like to unwind with something like alcohol, it’s easy to think that you may be wrong about their addiction.

However, there’s a difference between recreational usage and an addiction. If you push them further, they may eventually claim they “need” to drink or take drugs to work. At this point, you can tell that they are trying to cover up just how addicted they are.

Rough appearance

A high-functioning addict will put a lot of effort into their appearance. This is because they know that as long as they look good, other won’t question their substance usage. Eventually, though, that façade is going to fade.

Over time, they may put less effort into their appearance. This will make the signs of their addiction a lot more noticeable. Also, you can possibly see the signs if you give them a surprise visit. If they weren’t planning for visitors, then they probably didn’t go through the effort of trying to hide their addiction.