You can get a DUI on any day of the week. However, it seems that on the holidays— we see a few more DUI’s than normal. Therefore, it’s important to practice holiday drinking safety and smarts this Valentine’s day. Don’t let your day of romance be ruined by an unexpected DUI. Instead, follow our rules for holiday drinking safety. That way, a DUI won’t be the bump in your romantic evening. 

Holiday Drinking Safety: Avoid Valentine’s Day Woes 

Consider drinking at home 

If you think about it, this holiday more than any other, is about intimacy. Intimate settings, romance, and spending time with the person you love. So, consider honoring that intimacy by doing your drinking at home. On Valentine’s Day, people rush out in masses to restaurants and bars to have dinner and drinks with their loved ones.

However, those settings are typically loud, packed, and hinder your ability to have an intimate dinner at all. Therefore, consider taking this page from our holiday drinking safety handbook. Consider the benefits of either having dinner out and taking a bottle of wine home. Or, cooking a meal together at home over a bottle of wine.

Use a ride-sharing service 

While having a romantic dinner at home might work for some— others might not love the idea. So, if you feel the need to take your love and show it to the world, consider using an Uber or Lyft to do so. There are plenty of ways, especially if you live in the city, to avoid driving—but still make your way out. Holiday drinking safety looks a little bit different for everyone, depending on how you prefer to spend your Valentine’s day. 

Have a picnic close to your home 

If you live somewhere within walking distance of a park, a field, or something of the sort— setting up a romantic picnic might be just the celebration you’re looking for. Holiday drinking safety, as we’ve mentioned, can be practiced in a number of different ways. Also, if something like this a bit out of character for you— it might be a welcome and exciting surprise to that special someone in your life. 

As we’ve mentioned, holiday drinking safety is important, and also goes a long way to prevent an unexpected DUI from tampering with the party. So, drink smart, drive sober, and plan ahead of time if you plan on drinking on your Valentine’s Day.