Deciding to get treatment for an addiction is a difficult, but important step in getting sober. However, when it comes to finding an inpatient rehab center, there’s a lot of variables to consider. As such, it’s important to find a place which’ll work best for you…

How-to Pick an Inpatient Rehab Center: Key Factors

What they treat

Of course, when looking for an inpatient rehab center, you should look at what types of addictions they treat. Different facilities may specialize in different addictions. Each addiction can come with different physical and mental effects, so finding a place which focuses on your addiction in specific can be useful.

There are some facilities which do focus on more than one form of addiction. This can be helpful if you are struggling with multiple types yourself. In general, it’s good to research what exactly a facility focuses on, as well as contacting them directly to ask.

Treatment options

You should also look at what kind of treatment options are offered by an inpatient rehab center. Most facilities will have options like group and individual counseling available to you. However, others may offer some different choices which you may find really appeal to you.

For example, some places may have family therapy as an option, where you can get help while also improving your relationship to your family. Other facilities could have an emphasis on more holistic therapies. Things such as yoga, meditation, music, art, and even equine therapy are all potential options for you to explore!

Potential costs

It’s important to make sure that you can afford whichever inpatient rehab center you chose to stay at. On the surface, this will mainly be whatever kind of charges you’ll need to deal with as part of your stay. You should also calculate any other extra costs as well, such as if you need to travel.

Many insurance plans will either cover or help you to pay for your treatment. Still, you’ll want to check both with your insurance and with the center themselves to make sure they accept it. If you don’t have insurance, ask the facility if they have any kind of scholarships or payment plans available. This can help you afford the treatment you need.