A 64-year-old man was fatally wounded last weekend in the University Area, after his vehicle flipped over several times before stopping on its hood.charlotte-mecklenburg-dwi-legal-help

The NCDOT reports that this accident was caused by many factors, but mainly due to alcohol and reckless driving on behalf of the now deceased defendant.

Investigatory reports show that judging by the skid marks on W.T Harris, where the accident occurred, the driver was speeding almost 90 m.p.h at the time of the incident, which was about 3:30 a.m.

The speed of the vehicle, combined with the impact of the bank the driver collided into, propelled the car almost a whopping 150 feet from the point of take off. The car then proceeded to flip three times before landing on its hood.

Sadly, the defendant was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident, and was also propelled from his vehicle onto the shoulder’s pavement.

The County Coroner reports that the man did in fact die from crash-related injuries; however, he was unable to pinpoint the exact moment of death.

The defendant did have a passenger at the vehicle at the time, who was seriously injured, but is anticipated to make a full recovery. He was wearing his seatbelt at the time.

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