Commonly cases will be continued in court at the request of either the defense or prosecution. Generally judges continue cases at the request of the attorneys without much further inquiry. In an unusual turn of events in Brunswick County, NC a judges has refused to continue DWI cases at the request of the prosecution. This refusal to continue the cases has resulted in dozens of charges that were pending against DWI defendants to be dropped.

The first incident occurred when Judge Jerry Jolly would not continue cases against 16 defendants last month. The prosecution requested to have the cases continued when the arresting officer had a scheduling conflict and could not be in court. The same thing happened again last week when the prosecution asked Judge Jolly to continue DWI charges against 20 defendants due to a scheduling conflict of the arresting officer. As a result charges were dropped against those defendants who were in court that day.

The exact reason for this unusual turn of events is unknown, but it is speculated that this is an attempt to try to deal with the backlog of 1,000 pending DWI cases.

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