While everyone enjoys a three day holiday weekend, don’t forget about drinking and driving. Otherwise, a Labor Day DUI arrest could be your big celebration. So have fun and relax but also be safe.

Labor Day DUI Arrest

Either we celebrate the upcoming fall or say goodbye to the summer. However, the one constant is Labor Day is the last long weekend before the winter months. Consequently, many of us head to the beach for one last party. For those left behind, we still make the most of our time. And of course, there is usually a lot of drinking in the mix. But please be careful. Because the police know our habits, they will also be out in force seeking to keep everyone safe. As a result, plan on DUI checkpoints and more frequent stops on the road.

While some police stops start as a DUI investigation, others do not (expired tag, brake light out). However, once the officer smells alcohol, it is game on. And once the investigation starts, it almost always ends in a DWI arrest. Why? Because the officer will ask you to perform field sobriety tests which are difficult to do, especially the first time. In addition, the anxiety of a police investigation on the side of the road is going to affect your performance.

labor day duiSo How to Avoid a Labor Day DUI?

Because everyone knows the consequences of a DUI arrest, drink at home. Then you can drink all you want and sleep it off like my sweet dog Roo in the picture. In addition, if out with friends, take a cab or Uber, or just stay in a nearby hotel. Either solution is easier and much cheaper than a DWI arrest and record. Rather than take a chance, take the right precautions and stay safe. And don’t worry about us Charlotte DWI attorneys. After all, we can always write contracts. While we stand ready to defend you, we sincerely hope you don’t need us at all. So go enjoy yourselves but get home safe and sound.

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