When it comes to Summer pastimes, taking to the lake is quite common if you live near one. In turn, lake day drinking is something that many people will take part in– or already do. But how can you do this safely, and while avoiding a BWI/BUI? Ultimately, it comes down to focusing on what can go wrong and then finding ways to avoid getting yourself and others into those situations. So, we’re here to help!

Lake Day Drinking: Things That Can Go Wrong


It is possible to get in trouble for driving a motorboat, jet ski or sailboat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Just like in a car, it is possible for the police to pull you over on the lake to determine if you are under the influence. It is possible to be charged with a ‘Boating While Impaired’, or BWI. if you are found guilty of a BWI, there could be major consequences

Be mindful of how many drinks you consume if you are drinking on the lake. If you have had too many, let another person who is not impaired drive the watercraft. Remember to drink plenty of water in order to rehydrate yourself and help space out the alcoholic drinks. 


Alcohol actually can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. One research study found that the amount of UV light needed to burn the skin was significantly reduced after drinking 3 alcoholic beverages. If you are drinking on the lake, try and stay under the shade as much as possible and wear plenty of sunscreen. Sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer.


Alcohol can impair your coordination as well as your judgement. Up to 70% of water recreation deaths of teens and adults involve alcohol. If you have been drinking on the lake, you may not be as coordinated and have a difficult time staying afloat in water. This could lead to you drowning. Alcohol and bodies of water are not a good mix. 


Boating accidents are another danger of drinking on the lake. With slower reaction times and impaired judgement, it is easier to make bad decisions that can cause crashes. You could hurt property, or even worse, a person. Next time you are going out on the lake, think about these consequences that can come from drinking on the lake. If you’re going to drink, do so responsibly. Pace yourself, drink something other than alcohol, and do not operate a watercraft if you have been drinking. The negative things that can happen are not worth it.