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While based in Charlotte, we aggressively defend people arrested for Lake Norman DWI. Because Lake Norman is located in Mecklenburg County, you need an DUI lawyer familiar with Meck court procedures. So why hire our firm?

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Lake Norman DWI Attorneys

Because Lake Norman and Huntersville are growing, there are many new restaurants and bars. As a result, both DUI and BUI arrests are also going up. So when facing a DWI charge, who do you turn to for help? Try not to worry. While there may be many lawyers, relatively few practice criminal law. And even fewer limit their practice to DWI. We are Lake Norman DWI attorneys who focus on DUI and BUI cases. So here is what we offer.

  • 28 years criminal and civil trial experience
  • Police training certificates in DWI Investigation and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Author of eBook on Mecklenburg County DWI arrests and what to expect in court
  • Licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Personally available to clients by mobile phone or direct email

lake norman dwiHow We Defend a Lake Norman DWI

Because every fact potentially matters, we begin with a thorough initial interview. As we learn about your case, we also answer your questions. Probably the most pressing concern with every client is getting their license back. As a result, that is our first priority as well. Consequently, we file a DMV challenge if you hire us within 10 days after arrest. But if more than 10 days, a limited driving privilege is your best option. Then during several court appearances, we will get all of evidence, including video, against you. After a complete review of everything, we sit down with you and go over your case in full. As before, we answer all questions and then make recommendations. Since you are in charge of your case, you make all important decisions.

Because every situation is different, we develop an individual strategy for your case. In addition, our DUI lawyers are available when you need answers. And even if you call or email in the evenings or on weekends, we will be there. While we cannot promise a particular result, we can pledge our hard work and  best efforts for you. That’s our commitment to both you and your case. For more information and a confidential consultation, call now.