While no one wants to hear the bad things about their case, you should listen to your lawyer advice. After all, this is what you are paying your hard earned money to learn.

lawyer adviceLawyer Advice and DWI

Because every DUI case is truly different, all facts potentially matter. As a result, we prefer to meet with new clients as soon as possible after their arrest. While their memory is fresh in their minds, we want to record as many particulars as we can. Although the police write a report, it often does not contain critical facts. Consequently, we want to know everything about the stop, field sobriety tests, and arrest. Furthermore, you will recall things that the officer will not consider helpful to their case. And that’s what we are here to do.

Once we have thoroughly reviewed all evidence, we will sit down and go over your case and options. While everyone likes to hear the good parts, no one wants to talk about the bad. However, it is the bad parts that we have to deal with to defend your case. When it’s bad news, many clients will argue and even confront their lawyer. Certainly, no one likes bad news. However, always remember that your lawyer is on your side. Furthermore, they play the hand you deal. In other words, you create your own case facts. And then we do our best to prepare a defense.

So Listen or Get Another Lawyer

Because I have practiced law for almost thirty years, I have dealt with thousands of clients over my career. While I care about the outcome of every case, I cannot please everyone. Let’s be honest. Just because you hire a lawyer does not mean you are going to get out of it. And not every case is winnable. Rather, we look at all the facts to see if there is legal error. If there is, we make Motions with the court. If not, we evaluate how you appear on video to a potential jury and then make our recommendations. In the end, the decision of how to proceed is yours after our guidance. That’s why we advise, but you always decide what is best for you and your family.