It has been a hot topic in North Carolina news that the state laboratory that does testing for law enforcement is extremely backed up. It has been so backed up that it sometimes takes years before a test result comes back to law enforcement that is needed in order to prosecute a case. This has been a huge problem in DWI and drug cases throughout the State. Despite this the Wilmington Police Department may have found a solution to the problem by using an independent forensic facility.

The crime lab in the Wilmington Police Department currently has two employees who process blood alcohol tests for nine police departments. The lab has been able to produce DWI test results in less than two weeks. Over the 2012 year the lab processed paperwork for 241 cases. The lab is working towards becoming accredited to process blood testing for drugs as well. The lab will need to hire additional employees as well in order to accommodate the work load which will require additional funding. The exact dollar amounts that will be needed are unknown but costs overall will likely be reduced because of the reduced time that will be spent on court cases.

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