Making the best mocktails is all about the details. Your party can still have amazing drinks, even if you’ve cut out alcohol. Mocktails are a fun way to treat your guests to a yummy treat. Even if you’re home alone you can still relax with a nice mocktail. Always remember to use the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget the fun accessories to make your drinks extra special. Use your fancy glassware instead of plastic cups. And finally, don’t forget to add garnish to make your drinks stand out.

Tips for Making the Best Mocktails: Rock Your Dry January Goals

Use the Freshest Ingredients

The most important tip to making the best mocktails is to always use fresh ingredients. Create your own simple syrup and use fresh fruits whenever possible. If your recipe calls for lemon juice, find a lemon and get squeezing! Fresh ingredients add more depth of flavor than store-bought alternatives. Learn how to muddle fruits at the bottom of the glass. You can even infuse your simple syrup with fruit, herbs, and spices.

Novelty Accessories – fun ice, straws

One fun part about making the best mocktails is picking out accessories. Find some bendy straws or little paper umbrellas. If you’re serving your mocktails in wine glasses, find some wine glass charms to help your guests remember whose glass is who’s. Even your ice can be distinctive! There are silicone ice molds in an array of shapes and sizes. This can give your drinks a special touch.

Use Proper Glassware

Another aspect of making the best mocktails is to break out the fine glassware. Don’t use solo cups or plastic if you’re trying to impress. Holding a champagne flute, wine glass, or martini glass makes drinking mocktails so much more fun. For mocktails resembling whiskey drinks, use a lowball glass. Mocktails resembling martinis or margaritas should be served in proper glasses too. Serving mocktails in proper glassware kicks them up a notch and will impress everyone.

Don’t Forget Garnish – sweet or savory, sugar rim, salt rim,

Finally, don’t forget your garnish when making the best mocktails. You can rim your glasses with sugar, salt, honey, or other flavors. Find little plastic swords or skewer sticks to add pieces of fruit to the top of your drinks. A zester can help you with adding a bit of nutmeg, lemon, or lime to the surface of your drinks. The garnish gives your drinks a finishing touch and takes them up a level.

When making the best mocktails, don’t skip the details. Finding fun ice cube trays or straws can make your drinks extra special. Always use fresh ingredients, and use them both as interior ingredients and garnish. Making next-level alcohol-free mixed drinks can help you stick to your goals of cutting out alcohol.