A man who was driving through Yanceyville, NC is facing a DWI and eluding charge after nearly causing an accident. The incident occurred when a deputy with thDWI Defensee Caswell County Sherriff’s Office was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The deputy saw the vehicle cross the center line coming toward the deputy’s vehicle.

The deputy moved over to try to avoid a collision but was unable to.

The deputy immediately turned around and tried to stop the vehicle that hit him. The vehicle sped off as soon as the deputy turned around. The vehicle was pursued at speeds over 100 mph. The driver was finally caught after he crashed into a median.

The man is now charged with speeding to elude, assault with a deadly weapon on government official and leaving the scene of an accident while driving impaired, among other charges.

The vehicle was seized by police, which North Carolina law allows law enforcement to seize a vehicle if someone attempts to flee police. No one was hurt in the accident.

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