When it comes to managing stress, and reducing it, everyone has their own methods. Maybe it’s a bubble bath, your favorite movie, yoga, or a stiff drink. While using alcohol as a vice is typically ill-advised, many people turn to it in a time of worry or stress as a means of helping them forget for a little while. While alcohol is certainly good at helping you to forget, it does very little to actually manage stress. So, we’re here to help you learn why trying to manage stress with alcohol can actually be quite unproductive…

Managing Stress Without Alcohol

First of all, you have to come to an understanding that alcohol doesn’t actually relieve stress. Because it makes you feel so relaxed so quickly, this can be hard for people to accept. But in reality, alcohol is not a magic potion that will take away your stress. In fact, in a lot of ways it can increase stress levels.

Alcohol Can Actually Increase Stress Levels 

In many cases, alcohol can actually serve to add stress. For starters, drinking too much can make you feel sick, cause headaches, and leave you nauseous. So, while the night of drinking can be fun, the day after can be painful, and ultimately more stressful as you try to manage stress with a nasty headache. In addition, drinking too much can also cause you to miss important dates and datelines. Whether you forget about something due to drinking and you simply cannot function well enough to complete a task, this can certainly increase stress levels.

Finding Other Ways to Cope 

The most important thing for managing stress without alcohol is finding other ways to cope. In short, you will need to discover something else that helps you relax and keep your stress levels under control. In order to really do this, you may have to try out a few different things to see which causes you to regroup.

One of the healthiest ways to destress can be through exercise. Many people find exercising to be a great stress reliever, while also serving to increase your physical health. For instance, swimming, running, and lifting weights can all help your overall health while they relieve stress.

In short, you want to find ways for managing stress without alcohol. Since alcohol can cause other issues and side effects, it’s best to find healthier stress relievers. To do that, you’ll want to look for other triggers of relaxation. But in whatever you decide, remember that moderation is best.