Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. This is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by men and women in our armed services. However, for many, it is also a time to throw an annual barbecue, lake day, or party with friends. In short, Memorial Day weekend is usually stocked full with booze, buddies, and good times. While we encourage everyone to celebrate in their own way, and to haver fun doing it— we also encourage you to do so safely. So, what things can you do to make sure you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend and staying safe while you do it? 

Memorial Day Weekend: Fun in the Sun… Safely 

You know you’ll be drinking, so choose wisely 

The smartest way to drink through your Memorial Day weekend is to choose an easy drinking beer. Sure, mixed drinks and punch bowls might sound appealing, but liquor isn’t exactly the smartest choice if you want longevity. There are plenty of light, yet tasty brews to choose from that will still do the job— but a bit more slowly than that vodka and orange juice. Keep in mind— longevity is key. 

Water is your best friend 

Depending on your chosen activities, you might be out in the sun for long hours. Whether that be by the pool, in a boat, or in the backyard. No matter your position, when you’re in the sun for a long period of time— you need to stay hydrated. Better yet, when you’re planning to drink for a prolonged period of time, water is the key to staying safe, hydrated, and avoiding a nasty hangover later. So, for every two drinks— have a glass of water. Keep yourself hydrated. I guarantee: it won’t harsh your buzz… 


As another jumping off point for being in the sun for long periods of time: protect your skin! Sunscreen is something that often slips our minds when we’re drinking and hanging out. After all, the sun feels great, we’re drinking with friends, and it might be hard fought to consider taking a moment to lather up. However, alcohol makes you more likely to burn and to forget your sunscreen. So, on this coming Memorial Day weekend, set a reminder in your phone!

We wish you the very best Memorial Day weekend, and a successful celebration with friends. But, we encourage that you do so safely. Hire a DD, call a taxi, drink some water, and lather up with sunscreen. There’s not much to it— but these things can go quite a long way.