CMPD sees major increase in repeat DWI arrests (Video)

Repeat DWI arrests still on the rise in Charlotte NC

With all of the DWI checkpoints and greater emphasis on the dangers of drinking and driving in the news, one would expect there would be a substantial decrease in DWI arrests. However, that is not the reality experienced by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. On the contrary, they are reporting a significant increase in repeat DWI arrests. Is this a result of more folks driving impaired or just greater enforcement by police? The answer may be a mixture of both. What the public needs to know is that a repeat DWI arrest within seven (7) years of a prior DWI conviction is a “gross aggravator” and automatically raises the punishment to “level 2” which has mandatory jail time. If the repeat DWI arrest occurs over seven (7) years after a previous DWI conviction, it is still considered as an “aggravating factor” and will increase a person’s punishment level and sentence. Before you consider simply pleading guilty after a repeat DWI arrest, you should review your case with Charlotte DWI attorney Aaron Lee. He will sit down with you personally and review what is required to prove you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” and what your options may be under the circumstances. Always remember that the State of North Carolina has the entire “burden of proof” and must satisfy each and every element of a DWI charge and arrest. Each case is different, and all facts must be investigated and considered. Little things can sometimes make a big difference in outcome.