The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has just reported that a mother and her five minor children were involved in a horrific car accident on Interstate 77 Sunday night.

Accordingly, the location was somewhere on the highway near Sam Furr Road exit.

Charlotte Emergency crews and all surrounding EMTS rapidly rushed to the scene, where they found a mother and her five children in her crushed sedan.

Sadly, the medics had to report that all six of the family members were injured due to the crash. Particularly, two of the children suffered life-threatening injuries, and are currently in unstable condition. Helicopters circled the area from Medical Center Air and immediately dispatched the family to Carolinas Medical Center.

In fact the impact in the accident was so severe that one of the minor children was actually ejected from the vehicle at the time, and is moreover one of the victims who is currently in a ” life-threatening” condition.

The other four occupants of the vehicle sustained ” potentially life threatening” injuries, but are said to hopefully make a full recovery.

The investigation is still underway, yet police have reason to believe that alcohol and reckless driving may have attributed to the accident. More details are to be released at a later time.

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