Every driver, whether you like motorcycles or not, is aware that motorcycles are quite a bit different than your average passenger vehicle. There are a few similarities, such as being a mode of transportation, however they function differently than a regular vehicle. For this reason, many rules and laws vary just a bit to accommodate for the variability— such as licensing. Because there are differences, you might wonder if a motorcycle DUI is any different from a standard DUI.

Motorcycle DUI: Are there Differences?

In short, it doesn’t matter what you’re driving— if you’re under the influence, a DUI is in your future, or DUAC, just the same as you would be in any other vehicle on the road. Being impaired looks the same, no matter the vehicle. However, motorcyclists under the influence can be particularly dangerous to themselves. The key phrase to watch for is ‘motor vehicle’. Being that a motorcycle is a vehicle, there’s no getting around a motorcycle DUI charge.

A motorcycle is still a motor vehicle

You’ll see a wacky news story every now and then— one where a lawn mower, ATV, moped, or other small vehicle receives a DUI, DWI, or DUAC. While these stories are often more funny in nature, and less focused on the DUI, they go to reinforce the key point. If it has a motor, you can get a DUI on it. The law is often difficult to understand. It can be wordy, technical, and hard to wrap your brain around. But, sometimes, it can also be quite simple. When it comes to receiving a DUI, the motor vehicle law is quite simple. In short, avoid the road after drinking— no matter your transportation method.

The penalties are all the same

As anyone who rides a motorcycle knows, you need a special endorsement to ride a motorcycle. Any additional endorsement, such as a CDL or a motorcycle license, is considered a privilege by the DMV. Therefore, when you abuse that privilege, or even just your regular driving privileges, there’s a chance of losing that endorsement. So, as you can see, a DUI can have big impacts when it comes to, not only your everyday driving, but your profession or your favorite hobby. So, in short, drive smart, sober, and avoid your motorcycle after a few shots. Period.