As summer is heating up so are patrols by law enforcement to detect and stop people who boating while intoxicated. Law enforcement around the country is gearing up for Operation Dry Water which occurs during the summer to crack down on BUI’s on the water. The goal of this enforcement is to increase safety on the water so that this recreational activity can be enjoyed by many without worry of harm.

Just as serious as drinking and driving a car is, so is drinking and operating a boat. The consequences legally and to the safety of others are much the same. Recent statistics boast that as of last year 16% of boating fatalities resulted from boating while under the influence. If you have had a couple drinks and feel as though you should not operate a motor vehicle then the same applies to the operation of a boat. The article below is a stark reminder of how serious the consequences can be. Have fun out there but please be safe.

In North Carolina being charged with a BUI can be just as serious as being charged with a DWI. Law enforcement may stop you on the water for any reason and may ask you to complete field sobriety tests. They may also ask to take a breathalyzer test to find out what your BAC level is. In North Carolina if you are 21 or over and have a BAC of .08% or higher while operating a boat you may be charged with BUI. You may lose your boating priviledges and just like DWI you may lose your driver’s license and face severe fines or jail time if convicted.

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