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Other Possible Consequences of a DWI Convictioncan dui prevent you from getting a job

While most people already know the usual consequences, others ask can DUI prevent you from getting a job. If convicted, you lose your license for a year (subject to a limited driving privilege). In addition, there will be court costs and fines, and you may have to have ignition interlock in your car. Finally, any DUI conviction will cause a permanent criminal record and cannot be expunged later.

Because of the very serious results, fighting a DUI charge is critical. Consequently, from our very first meeting, we listen carefully and write down all details. After all, there is a lot on the line here, and little facts may make a big difference. In addition to the legal issues, we also help with concerns about their job. While many worry about jail, the most immediate concern is always driving and work. So here are some answers we hope will help if arrested for DWI in Charlotte.

So can DUI prevent you from getting a job?

The answer is “yes” – having a DUI conviction on your record can prevent certain jobs. While the obvious answer is driving jobs, other jobs can also be affected. However, many of our professionally licensed clients include pilots, Registered Nurses, and Certified Public Accountants. In addition, we have defended dental hygienists, and medical school and law students. Understandably, every client worries about losing their professional license or career. Because we understand the pressure you are feeling, we pledge to do our best in your case. That’s our promise to you.

So here is the good news. Because honesty is always better, most clients are truthful and not fired in these situations. Whenever a client is honest and forthcoming, most employers understand and forgive personal mistakes. However, companies where employees drive for a living or use company vehicles cannot stay. Rather, given the liability concerns, an employer really does not have a choice here. Unfortunately, the risk is simply too high, and they can’t take any chances.

Professional Commercial Driverscan dui prevent you from getting a job

Those folks holding a commercial drivers license (CDL) lose that license when charged with DWI. Even though we can challenge the DMV, this only helps with your personal license. While some may argue that drinking off-duty should is a private matter, the law says differently. Rather, CDL holders lose big time if arrested. Consequently, they should not drive at all after any drinking. Otherwise, a DWI arrest could cost them their career. So can DUI prevent you from getting a job driving a truck? Absolutely.