If you are wanting to sip on something refreshing but not wanting alcohol, there are many delicious options besides just water. From mocktails to punch, there are plenty of great options that both you and your guests will enjoy. These drinks taste great without all of the negative effects that can come with alcohol. Learn more about how to make delicious non-alcoholic drinks that will be a hit.

How-to Make Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Alcohol-free Alternatives


A mocktail is just like a cocktail, without the liquor. These options are delicious non-alcoholic drinks and will not leave you with a hangover. You have probably heard of some of the most famous, classic mocktails. These include Shirley Temples, Roy Rogers and Arnold Palmers. The Shirley Temple is made from a base like ginger ale or lemon-lime soda, mixed with grenadine syrup and a maraschino cherry. Similar to a Shirley Temple, RoyRogers has a cola base mixed with grenadine syrup and topped with a maraschino cherry. Lastly, an Arnold Palmer is simply a mix of iced tea and lemonade.

There are also more modern variations of mocktails that are popular. You can really just take any cocktail and make it without the alcohol. For example, a Virgin Mary is just a Bloody Mary without the vodka. A Virgin Moscow Mule is simply juice from 1 lime, plus a splash of simple syrup and tonic water or club soda. Then, just top it off with ginger beer.


Punch is the perfect party drink. Depending on the season, there are many different punch options you can pick from. For example, spring and summer calls for a lighter, fruitier punch. On the other hand, in fall, you can start considering a spiced apple cider punch or a harvest punch. When winter rolls around, start to think about punch recipes with fruits like cranberries. Find your favorite punch recipe, and just omit the alcohol. If you are wanting to please everyone, you could have a bottle nearby of whatever type of alcohol was supposed to go in the punch. This will allow your guests to mix in the alcohol if they would prefer it, giving them the option.

No matter which option you choose, these non-alcoholic drinks will be a refreshing alternative to spiked beverages. Whether you are enjoying one alone, or serving them at a gathering, these mocktail and punch ideas will be an amazing option. You will have a great beverage and still wake up feeling great in the morning.