The North Carolina legislature is attempting to introduce a bill which would permit those who call for medical help in the case of a drug overdose to not have to fear prosecution on drug related charges. The bill is being called the Good Samaritan bill and it would also allow doctors and pharmacists to give out medication for someone suffering from an overdose to friends or family of the victim. The goal of the legislation is to encourage people to seek immediate medical attention for someone who may be suffering from a severe overdose of a drug. Many cases of drug overdosing require immediate medical attention, and it is believed that friends or family may be hesitant to seek help due to fear of being prosecuted for a drug offense.

Not only does the law give more discretion to law enforcement to not charge someone for a drug offense, but it would also allow doctors to give out medication to someone who needs to give medication to someone suffering from a drug overdose. The legislation has been inspired by recent statistics from North Carolina which indicate that deaths related to drug overdoses are on the rise. Other states currently have similar laws and North Carolina may soon be joining them.

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