Online Reviews and Choosing a DWI Lawyer

online reviewsIn this era of online reviews, it seems people “review” everything. And services like Yelp, Avvo, and many others aggressively seek lawyers to advertise. Furthermore, they use “ranking” and “stars” to convey the skills of particular attorneys. Consequently, potential clients rely on these ratings when searching for representation. As a result, we are grateful for our reviews. But at the same time, we urge caution against relying on any one factor. Rather, we suggest a full review of potential DWI attorneys and law firms. Most of all, we recommend actually sitting down with several lawyers before deciding which one is best for you. In the end, you should be both confident and comfortable with the lawyer you choose.

Online Reviews with Only 5 Star Ratings

When looking at other law firms, I am often amazed at the number of client reviews on their websites. And most reviews are very positive. Likewise, we are also proud of our favorable client reviews. But beware. After all, no firm or lawyer can please all clients every time. It is simply not feasible that all clients walk away happy with their result. Rather, the only truly satisfied client in a Charlotte DWI case is acquitted. However, that is rare. So what we do for our clients is promise and then deliver our best efforts and good advice.

In our practice, we do not promise any particular outcome. Rather, we first review all of the State’s evidence, including video. Then, we give you a comprehensive report and recommend options. Next, we answer your questions, and give you candid advice. Finally, with full information, you make decisions on what is best for you. We work for you. You are always in charge of your case. That’s just how we roll.

online reviewsBest Way to Choose a Charlotte DWI Lawyer

Certainly, the best start in your search is to research the internet. Here is the good news. Some of the very best North Carolina DWI attorneys are right here in Charlotte. So how do you choose one over another? First of all, we suggest you compare their years practicing law, their credentials, and areas of focus. Next, read their online reviews from former clients. But look beyond the typical “great lawyer” or “awesome person.” Rather, see how the client was treated and whether the attorney returned calls and answered questions. After you narrow your search to just two or three, schedule a time to personally meet with them. Ask them hard questions and get a feel for whether you can work with this person. This is important.

Legal representation is a lot like a relationship. First of all, there must be good and open communication. Consequently, your lawyer should be available when you need answers, even after regular business hours. Furthermore, with smartphones and email, there is no excuse not to be accessible. And we practice what we preach. So if our clients need us, we will be there. We know just a few minutes of our time or a couple of emails will help you sleep better that night.