During our current pandemic, there isn’t too much to do for many of us. A lot of you reading this might be working from home, avoiding bars and restaurants, and trying your best to keep yourself and your family members safe. In turn, you are likely finding yourself turning to social activities within the home. Maybe that consists of movies, board games, a glass of wine, and an early night. However, over time, that glass of wine might become two, three, a margarita, or a bottle of something. Pandemic drinking is not something to be ashamed of. After all, what we would often hit the bars for has become an activity we partake in at home. However, how can you manage your alcohol intake? Especially when the hard part of hitching a ride, paying for alcohol, and keeping your wits about you has been taken away?

Healthy Pandemic Drinking: Avoiding A Binge & Alcoholism

Setting Limits for yourself

It can be difficult to set a limit for your pandemic drinking. Especially when you’ve got a bottle of wine, a two hour movie, and nothing else on your plate. However, setting boundaries with yourself is important when you’re trying to avoid unintentional binge drinking. Pour yourself a glass and put the bottle back on your wine rack, don’t buy multiples at the liquor store, check out the ‘build your own’ section at the grocery store which sells singular bottles of beer. If you need to set limits for yourself by keeping it out of the house, take that route. Or, if you have the discipline, work on telling yourself no. 

Find other means of filling your time 

Another way to manage your pandemic drinking habits is to fill your time with other things. Take yoga for example, or writing, maybe even tending to a garden. We have a lot of time on our hands that many did not have before. It’s not uncommon to feel idle and like you need something to do. Channel that energy! You never know, you might find an activity that you love to do. It doesn’t take long to form a habit, and a habit doesn’t have to be negative. 

What works for you? 

While this article is ultimately about finding healthy ways to manage your pandemic drinking habits— the route of it is finding ways to manage the pandemic. We are all facing unexpected, crazy times and it’s not uncommon to turn to what’s familiar to help you through. However, we hope you’ll take the time to consider what those familiar things look like as we come out on the other side of this thing. Take care of yourself, stay safe, stay healthy, and call us if you need us.