There is plenty of useful technology out there for the everyday consumer. From cell phones, GPS, tablets, computers, and so forth— it seems that there’s a useful piece of technology for your every need. But what about when it comes to drinking and driving? Obviously, you’ve heard of ignition interlock systems, which are implemented into some drunk driver’s vehicles. But, what kind of technology is out there to prevent things like that from happening? In recent years, personal breathalyzer devices have become commonplace and easy to get ahold of. While the technology isn’t perfect, it can give you a strong gauge of where you may fall in terms of the legal limit…

Personal Breathalyzer Devices: Why All Drinkers Should Own One

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means holiday parties. You might not realize it, but these later months of the year are the most common time of the year for a DUI. Think about it: holiday parties, drinking, and then returning home shortly after. The police are quite aware that the number of drunk drivers will spike during times of higher drinking. Take football season in Charlotte as another example.

Another issue is that many DUI’s aren’t completely deliberate. You might have felt fine; capable to drive. But, once you’re pulled over and breathalyzed, you realize that you were very wrong. As a result, you might find yourself with an unexpected, embarrassing, and expensive DUI.

This is where a personal breathalyzer device might come in…

In a world full of technology, let’s use it for good every now and then. Personal breathalyzer devices give you the chance to better understand your BAC, and the way that your alcohol intake makes it move up. We’re not saying that you should rely solely on personal breathalyzer technology to get you home safe and without a DUI. After all, you know your body better than any piece of technology will. Furthermore, you know when you don’t feel safe to drive. BAC only means so much when it comes to how you’re feeling. Don’t ever take the risk. A DUI, while inconvenient, is only a small bit of the price you might have to pay…

What personal breathalyzer options are there?

There are versions that can plug into your phone, and even attach to your keys. The great thing about them is that they’re small, easy to use, and they aid in your being responsible. You can find them in most big box stores, such as Walmart, Target, and even Amazon. There are options that range in price, as well as reliability. But, the key here is that there are options for each and every one of you. However, I do suggest doing a bit of research on reliability beforehand.

While a personal breathalyzer is a great tool, you can’t rely on it completely

There is always a margin of error, even for police-issued breathalyzers. Therefore, while they help give you an idea, you don’t want to take that reading as the gospel. Especially if you’re close to the legal limit of .08. Drive safe, drive sober, and consider picking up one of these devices today.