Having others support you is key for if you want to get sober. However, not many people know how or why to start building their personal support network. In fact, this network can provide help in multiple ways…

Personal Support Network: Reaching Sobriety Goals

Why it matters

A good personal support network is helpful in a few different ways. For starters, it helps give you people to talk to while you recover. Talking to others can be great for getting your feelings about your recovery and yourself out there. By talking to others, they can provide you with some helpful advice.

Also, your network can help you keep strong and committed to your sober goals. When going alone, it can be harder to keep sober, and cravings can get to the point where they feel overwhelming. But, by having others support you, it can give you the perseverance you need to see your goals through.

Finding support

When it comes to building your personal support network, you have a lot of options to chose from. The most apparent ones will be your close friends and family. These are people who will be there to support you and want to help you get sober. You can be confident that they won’t judge you, but instead will help you as best as they can.

You may also want to consider seeking some kind of therapy. A therapist or counselor can provide you with professional help and resources to change your thinking for the better. It’s also a good idea to consider group therapy, where you can talk to other people who are dealing with similar things to you. 

Asking for help

So how should you start to build that personal support network? With friends and family, best way is to be open and direct. Meet up with them, and talk about what your plans are and ask if they’d be able to help you out. Most people will be more than glad to give you a hand with turning things around.

When looking for counselors, it’s good to look for ones who specialize in addiction treatment. As for groups, there’s a wide variety of ones you can find. Plus, it’s possible to find ones that are either in person or online, making it easy to fit them into your schedule.