There are many tools that police use to assist them in DWI investigation, but perhaps one of the most valuable tools is a camera. Recording a DWI stop is valuable evidence in court and works to the benefit of both the officer and the defendant in some cases. The majority of recordings in North Carolina come from in car video cameras. However the Guilford County Sherriff’s Office is taking it a step further and equipping officers with a camera on their person.

The department purchased 10 of these clip on cameras which are currently being used by its DWI task force. They would like to eventually purchase these types of cameras for all of their officers. The Greensboro Police Department is trying to utilize this technology as well. The GPD purchased 125 of the clip on cameras but they are not yet being used in the field.

The price tag for a clip on camera is fairly steep, costing around $1,185 each. The Guilford County Sherriff’s Office was able to purchase their cameras with the help of a state grant. The cameras for the GPD were paid for with a federal stimulus grant. The GPD would like to purchase more of these cameras and is working on raising the money.

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