So does being polite cooperative with police during a DUI arrest actually help? Absolutely. Because it matters, here is what you can expect.

polite cooperativePolite Cooperative During DUI Arrest

While police do their job, it is important to follow their instructions and be polite cooperative during the process. Because it will help you, we always encourage our clients to show respect at every turn. After all, juries don’t like rude or disrespectful people. As a result, you are only hurting yourself if act badly. So how does “showing out” make our job harder?

While at Trial

Rather than focusing on the police, juries will focus on your bad conduct at trial. Consequently, they made find you guilty just because of what you said or did towards the police. Since Mecklenburg County juries tend to be very conservative, they are “law and order” type people. Hence they favor police especially when they are just trying to do their job. In addition to the usual DUI stereotypes, bad behavior confirms what they are already thinking. As a result, our job is tougher as we fight to win your case. Furthermore, you can get into more trouble by resisting or pushing back against the officer. So just follow their instructions and let’s get you back home.

While at Plea

Almost every judge asks if a defendant was polite cooperative at the plea hearing. Furthermore, the officer makes specific notes in your arrest report. Hence this notation is important to both the prosecutor and judge. So why does it really matter. Because the judge has discretion on sentencing. Consequently, if they don’t like how you acted, you can get more community service or higher fines. In addition, the judge might even order active jail time in some cases. As a result, it pays huge dividends to be a lady or a gentleman during a DUI arrest.