After receiving a DUI, you often begin to reevaluate changes that you need to make in your life. Maybe you want to start drinking less, drinking smarter, or taking time to do other things. No matter what changes you feel necessary, you will likely make some post-DUI decisions regarding your lifestyle… 

Post-DUI Decisions: Lifestyle Improvement 

Evaluate the root of your issue

You made a bad decision, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow from it. Start by reconsidering how, and with whom, you spend your time. Maybe your bad decision was entirely your own. Or, maybe your decision came as the result of peer pressured drinking, or something of the like. When considering your habits, consider what leads to you indulging in them. 

Spend more time with your good influences 

If the crowd you spend time with makes you want to drink heavily, or make bad decisions— consider altering that crowd. Spend more time with family, close friends, or sober companions. Spend time with those who uplift you, and encourage you to make the right choices. When it comes to post-DUI decisions, limiting, or even increasing, the people around you can be a really positive change. 

Establish new habits 

When your typical Friday night is driving across town, drinks at the bar, driving back home, or heading out to go dance somewhere— a DUI can be quite jarring. You no longer have a license, meaning maybe you can’t get across town, or to see your friends, quite as easily. Therefore, you might find yourself developing new routines. No matter if it’s by necessity, or by choice— new hobbies can be exciting. Whether you take up yoga, painting, riding, running, or a sport— it can be nice to change your routines every now and then.

While your DUI was not ideal, it can lead to a lot of positive change

We often get so caught in our routines and habits that we don’t consider how positive shaking things up can be. So, take this inherently negative thing, and make the best of it. We wish you luck in your DUI case, and the aftermath of it. Furthermore, extend our condolences, and offer our services, during this difficult time.