Certainly, you’ve heard of the high price tag a DUI comes with. The national average for a DUI is $10,000. However, does that include the residual expenses you will definitely encounter? Probably not. There are a wide variety of post-DUI expenses that some might not even think about. Therefore, it’s important to consider them as you prepare to face the battle ahead.

Post-DUI Expenses: At What Cost?

Court Costs, Legal Fees, Etc.

When you get pulled over for driving under the influence, you will not be given the opportunity to drive your car home. This will result in one of your first post-DUI expenses, the cost of the towing and impoundment. In addition to the fines associated with your charge, you will also need to seek legal counsel and pay court costs. If you go to court multiple times, you will have to pay the court fees each time.


After a DUI, you may not have your license immediately. Now, you’ll need to figure out alternative methods of transportation. Using ride sharing apps, taking taxis, and other modes of transportation are post-DUI expenses people rarely think about. This daily spending adds up. Eventually, when you get your license back, you may have to pay a restoration fee.

Ignition Interlock Device

If there is a requirement for an ignition interlock device, also known as a car breathalyzer, you will have to pay those costs. These devices can make your post-DUI expenses increase by a couple thousand dollars, on average. There is a one-time cost to install the device, but you can lease the device monthly to help with the cost. These devices are leased on average for $60-$90 per month.


After a DUI, you will be considered a risky driver by insurance companies. Because of this label, your insurance rates will increase. Of all the post-DUI expenses, this will probably be the most lasting monetary obligation you have. 

Education and Employment

These post-DUI expenses might not be immediately apparent, but are relevant. Your education can be stalled because of a DUI. You may have to switch schools, move home, or pay fines to your institution. Additionally, a DUI goes on your record. As technology continues to grow, the ability for employers to see past convictions and charges gets easier and easier. Keep this in mind before getting behind the wheel after a few drinks!