It’s been a long week for your office and it’s only Wednesday. Someone suggests an office happy hour, and like everyone else, you think it’s a great idea. When a professional goes to the bar for post-work drinks, they need to take extra precautionary steps to ensure they are not creating a poor reputation for themselves or their company.

Post-Work Drinks: Drinking Responsibly

Your Clothing

If you wear clothing that clearly depicts your occupation or your company, it is a good idea to cover it up or change completely. Some companies might even have rules in place for drinking while wearing their logo. Your post-work drinks do not need to be an advertisement for your company, especially if one drink turns to four.

Keep Track of Drinks

Some beers have higher alcohol content than others, just like some mixed drinks might have more liquor than others. It is always advisable to keep track of your drinks, but especially important in this case. Post-work drinks shouldn’t be an invitation for you to over-drink. Keep your limits and your reputation in mind when ordering another.

Drink Water

Instead of drinking alcohol for each round, you can alternate with water or other non-alcoholic beverages. This will ensure your post-work drinks remains a tame, appropriate time. As a bonus, drinking water will also help reduce your hangover!

Eat Something!

Chances are, your last meal was at lunch. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster, so maybe take advantage of those half price appetizers during happy hour or opt for a burger. Eating something of substance will keep your two post-work drinks from turning into a spectacle for the whole office (and bar) to see.

Avoid Rounds

If you and your coworkers drink in rounds, maybe skip every other round. Rounds of beverages will turn your post-work drinks into a competition to see who can keep up with the heaviest drinker in the crew. To avoid over drinking, avoid drinking in rounds with your officemates.

As always, drink responsibly. Post-work drinks are a great way to decompress with others who feel the exact same way as you. Drinking after work should be done with caution and extra alertness. Keep in mind, you can be recognized by clients, customers, or potential future employers. Cheers!