changes in the lawThere are several potential bills pending that could make dramatic changes in the law. Of those that deal with impaired driving, all of them make punishments harsher. For example, one bill reduces the number of convictions required to charge someone with Habitual DWI. Under current law, a person with three prior DWI convictions within 10 years is still just another DWI.

However, the proposed law lowers the number to just two within ten years. Essentially, it changes the current law to a “three strikes rule.” If you have a third DWI within ten years, you face a felony now. While there are not many people who get four DWIs within a ten year period, there are more who get three.

Other Changes in the Law Coming

Another potential change in the law is a .00 BAC restriction for all people convicted of DWI after license reinstatement. In addition, all would have ignition interlock installed and set to monitor any alcohol.While this is already the case for some people convicted of DWI, the new law would now include everyone. This creates a zero tolerance policy if you have an active restriction on your license.

Of course, neither of these bills become effective unless passed. However, if the new Habitual DWI standard becomes law, it is significant. Furthermore, if the .00 restriction passes, many drivers will unknowingly violate the law. Seems like any time a new law is passed, the penalties get higher for DWI. For now, we can only wait and see what the legislature does. And if laws are not tightened during this legislative session, there are always new changes ahead.