In some cases, the best part about a night out with friends is the pregame that happens before you go. In order to save money, many friends will get together for drinks at home and play games before hitting the bars. Not only does this save you money, but pregaming the right way can be the best part of the night. If you’re wanting to make sure your before-party is great, you’ll want to follow these few pregame rules. 

Pregame Rules to Make Your Party the Hit of the Night

Offer Food and Snacks

This is one of the pregame rules everyone will thank you for later. One of the most important aspects of a great pregame is the food. Food and snacks set the stage for the rest of the night. In order to avoid being miserably sick later or majorly hungover the next day, you’ll want have good food early on. So, the pregame is the best place to start. Try to throw in some carb heavy foods. Also, mingling over snacks will give your friends lots to do and talk about. 

Create An Upbeat Playlist

The next step in ensuring a great a pregame is to create a fun playlist. The music will largely determine the mood of the whole group. So, pregame rules say the playlist should be upbeat and fun. Leave the sappy love songs and slow classics for another time. However, feel free to play a popular song from your childhood if you really want to get the party going. 

Know Your Drinking Games

Next on the list of pregame rules, you have to know your drinking games. In order for your before-party to really be a success, you’ll need to have several spaces for games. Whether they are traditional games like ping pong and cards, or drinking games like beer pong, games can be the hit of the party. So, be sure create spaces for games and know the rules of how to play.

Approve of the Night’s Outfits

Last but not least on the list of pregame rules is to do a pregame outfit check. Before getting the party going, it’s important to make sure everyone is dressed for the evening. Before you know it, everyone will begin drinking and it will be time to call the Uber. In that moment, someone will realize they never changed their shirt, re-fixed their hair, or applied deodorant. So, make sure everyone is ready to go prior to beginning to drink.

In short, a pregame is a time to get together, talk, laugh, and of course drink. However, certain factors can really make a before-party the hit of the night. Sticking to pregame rules about food, music, and games can help your gathering be a huge success.