If you’ve recently faced a DUI, you’re likely wondering how long you’ll be affected by this mistake. After all, it was a mistake; a bad judgement call. Now, you’re wondering how your DUI will influence future employment opportunities, your ability to drive, and your record. When it comes to removing DUI charges, it takes quite a while to get it done…

Removing DUI Charges: How Long is This on My Record?

Remove DWI charges may be at the top of your to-do list after your arrest. A DWI charge can affect many areas of your life. Things like jobs, insurance, and housing may depend on your background check. Therefore, having a DWI on your record for any amount of time can be harmful to your career and future. But just how long does a DWI blemish your record? That can depend on several things…

Raising Your Insurance for 3 years

A DWI can cause a spike in your insurance cost. This higher premium can last for up to three years. While prices may vary from each representative, they will still give you a higher quote than someone with a clean record. After those three years, your offense should not affect your policy and the cost should go down.

7 Year Look Back Period

A look back period consist of 7 years when your DWI stays on your record for sentencing purposes. In short, this means that during that time, you can get no other drinking and driving offenses. If during that 7 year period you get another DWI, it will count as a second offense. This can mean more severe fines and punishments which most likely will include jail time.

15 Years for Expungement

Even after your insurance cost goes down and the look back period is over, a DWI stays on your criminal history. That means it will still show up on background checks. For this reason, after 15 years you may wish to have your DWI expunged and file for removing DUI charges. This can take place only if you remained free of other criminal convictions. Once you have your charge expunged it will no longer show up on back ground checks.