For most of us, using Uber or Lyft is a staple of solid weekend out. We know we’ll be drinking, having fun with friends, and driving is a bit too risky. So, we decide that we’re going to use a ride sharing service. Ride sharing services are an unsung hero of our modern day, and they have prevented quite a few DUI’s in our time. So, we’re going to take a moment to celebrate the benefits of these services, and to stress them one more time for those of you who might have the urge to drive drunk… 

Ride Sharing Services: Celebrating the Benefits 

Low Fees 

When you think back on the last time you took a taxi, you can almost feel that pinch in your wallet. In a taxi, you will be charged per person, per mile, and per time… It seems like any ride you ever take will cost around 15-50 dollars. However, with ride sharing services, we have a new option which reduces fees and makes getting home safely a bit more obtainable for the average rider. 

No cash 

Another great aspect of ride sharing services, is the easy payment options. You don’t have to have cash on hand; your card is stored in the app, it’s easy to split the fare. Not to mention, you can get in and out without having to spend those few extra seconds waiting on change— or hoping that they have change. 

Quick, easy rides 

Another benefit of ride sharing services is that they’re there when you need them. You pull out your phone, call up an Uber, and most often— they’re there within a few minutes. No waving down a taxi, no lack of drivers, and no calling a cab company and waiting half an hour. These services have made it easier to sit on your couch, have one last drink, and wait on the car to arrive. 

No drunk driving made simple 

All of these factors we’ve mentioned go to further make it easy to avoid drunk driving. With rides made cheaper, easier, quicker, and more accessible— there’s practically no excuse to drive drunk anymore. Therefore, ride sharing services have made the roadway safer for any and all drivers (and riders).