Most cities have the new motorized scooters that you can rent by the minute through a mobile app. These scooters are a fun, efficient way to get around town without ordering an Uber or calling a cab. What many fail to realize is that these scooters are considered motorized vehicles. Scooting while intoxicated sounds funny, but it’s a serious danger, and can lead to legal issues…

Scooting While Intoxicated: Unusual DUI and Danger

Ban on Scooters

While the scooters have hit the ground rolling (pun intended) in cities like Charlotte, other cities have placed a ban on these scooters. The scooters cause a nuisance to the public. Also, they create safety issues for pedestrians and others in the area.

Many would agree with the notion that these scooters save money and time. College campuses utilize private companies to operate similar scooters. Students and faculty think they are convenient and fun. But, if you bring these to downtown areas where drinking is common, it could cause problems. Scooting while intoxicated can lead to serious injury and accidents.

Still Considered A Motorized Vehicle

If you are operating a scooter and your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, you can received a DUI. Most South Carolina residents don’t need to worry about this in their hometowns, but remember this when visiting neighboring cities with scooters! As always, there must be probable cause for an officer to stop you while operating the scooter. If you get a ticket for scooting while intoxicated, contact a lawyer. Legal advice can always help, especially with cases involving new technology.

What are these scooters, anyway?

Made popular by their ease of use, their convenience, and their accessibility, these scooters are all over some cities. Lime and Bird operate under similar conditions. To rent and pay for the scooters, you download an app. The app will allow you to unlock the scooter and begin riding. You pay per minute. Then, when you are done, you leave it wherever until the next person comes along to rent it.

​The ease of use probably adds to the increasing scooting while intoxicated tickets. Each scooter has two wheels, a handlebar, and a foot rest. These items check off all the boxes for most states’ requirements for it to be considered a “motorized scooter”. Also, no scooter goes over 25mph and runs on a small battery.