Whether you’re getting sober for any reason, it can be difficult to adjust to social situations without alcohol in hand. After all, it’s been a habit of yours likely since college. But, now you’re making a change. While this change is inherently good, it’s not always an easy one to make. Therefore, actions such as going on dates can make for a more difficult social situation than usual. However, while it may take a moment to get your sea legs, you might find that sober dating is more intimate, more telling, and more memorable than your typical set up. 

Sober Dating: Making Memories Without Alcohol 

While there are plenty of negatives you could think of when it comes to sober dating, most of them come down to social anxiety and dependence. Therefore, this will undeniably be a test of wills, but it can also pan out quite well. If you think about it, there’s a lot to gain from not drinking on a date with someone new, or even a partner you’ve had for a while… 

Your connection will be more genuine 

When you aren’t drinking, you’re getting to know this person in a way that doesn’t involve the drunk version of them. If you think about it, every person changes a bit when they drink heavily. Whether you’re more talkative, a dancer, a fighter, or someone who disappears into a crowd— these actions typically take place when you get one too many into your drinks. So, by not drinking, you get to know the person without having to embrace drunken tendencies. There’s no shame, we all have them. However, that’s something you might want to dive into after you’re more familiar with one another. 

You aren’t as likely to make a fool of yourself 

No one wants to go home after a first date and cringe at something they did or said. While these moments can happen no matter what, you’re probably more likely to do something foolish when under the influence. Whether you’re known to pick fights, drop drinks, or flirt with strangers— you want to avoid doing pretty much all of these things. So, consider how sober dating can lessen these potentially embarrassing occurrences.  

What if it makes me nervous? 

If you know that a sober date is going to be difficult for you, consider the possibility of a day date, or even a dessert and coffee date late in the evening. If you need to take the pressure to drink off of the date, plan accordingly. There are plenty of date-appropriate settings that don’t focus so much on alcohol. Have a coffee date, trip to the movies, go to the zoo, even hiking. There are plenty of options for every date, whether it’s your first or fiftieth. Getting sober is difficult, and you’ll face many obstacles. But, don’t let dating be one of those. Instead, just plan ahead of time, and ask your date to honor your request. We wish you luck in your sober journey, and on your date!