Getting sober is a lot of work, however, for many of us, it’s a necessary step to take in bettering your life and reaching your goals. It can be easy to push off getting sober, or belittling your need for it. However, making and reaching sober goals takes a certain level of commitment, and keeping promises to yourself. But, sometimes it might feel impossible. So, we’re here to help you keep that commitment and better your life. Following, you will find a few steps we encourage trying out on your road to sobriety. Being committed can be difficult, but with the right attitude— it can become a bit easier. 

Sober Goals: The Road to Sobriety 

Skip the general, easy to break goals 

Making general, overarching goals are the easiest ones to break— and they require the least amount of commitment. ‘I’m not going to drink all week’ sounds good in theory. But, it’s also easy to give up on, or push off. This promise lacks accountability, and doesn’t acknowledge how difficult your struggle with alcohol is. When you have a drinking problem, a week can feel like a long time even by day two. So, make smaller goals and build from there. Small accomplishments can make a big difference 

Ask someone else to hold you accountable 

One of the hardest things to do while starting your sober journey, is to hold yourself accountable. When it’s just you, going at it alone without a support system— it can be easy to back away from your sober goals. After all, there’s no one besides you to check in and see how things are going. So, tell your closest friend (or family member) about your plans. For some people, letting others down can be a huge motivator to avoid their bad habits. 

Understand your reasoning 

You might have considered giving up drinking a few times before. Maybe you noticed that you’re gaining weight, not spending much time with friends, maybe you got a DUI, or maybe you just feel like alcohol has become a crutch. Whatever your reasoning behind trying to get sober, you have to make sense of the why behind it. When you lose track of what you’re accomplishing, it can be easier to put those sober goals down and go back to old habits. Make sense of why you need to stop, and keep that idea close for the difficult days. 

Find ways to have fun without it

While there are plenty of different methods for reaching sober goals, this is the last one we’ll address. Alcohol, while you might drink it when you’re having fun times, does not create your fun times. Often times as adults, any celebration or good time typically centers on alcohol. Birthdays, holidays, sporting events, weddings, engagements…

It doesn’t matter the event, alcohol is always a central theme to celebration. However it doesn’t have to be your only source of having fun. In fact, by not drinking, you might find that you remember the event better, you save money, you avoid feeling crappy in the morning, and you got to make the most of the celebration. 

Getting sober is never easy. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth the hard work you’re putting in. There will be difficult days, but if you keep your goals in mind, they might just get a little bit easier. We wish you luck in this difficult, yet rewarding time.