More bars and restaurants have begun to offer spiked seltzers as an option these days. They’re easy, light, drinkable, and especially handy on a hot day. In fact, some breweries have even begun brewing them. To put it simply, spiked seltzers have become the new go-to for many people. But what’s the big appeal? We know they’re light and easy, but what about a real difference? What make them any better of an option, if they even are? Let’s look into the benefits…

Spiked Seltzers: Better By What Measure? 

Running the numbers 

Most of these spiked seltzers ring in at around 100 calories and between 2-5 grams of carbs per can, which is relatively similar to a light beer. In fact, a Michelob Ultra comes in around 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs. So, they are pretty similar in the regard. However, when you compare the taste of a seltzer versus? Most people will go with a seltzer. Granted, some people just enjoy the flavor of one more than the other. But, it’s worth knowing that these two options are quite similar to each other in terms of nutrition facts. Furthermore, Michelob has 4.2% alcohol whereas the two most popular seltzer brands are at 5%, with some of the newer brands right around the same or lower. Ultimately, where seltzers really shine is in their lack of sugar. 

A Major Fad 

Spiked seltzers have become a huge trend for obvious reasons. After all, the biggest drawback for many people who are drinking (especially those who don’t drink often) is the taste. Beer can taste malty, bitter, or bready depending on what you are drinking. Wine, especially red, just has that particular taste that many people love but other people just can’t handle. When it comes to liquor? Liquor is obviously strong, especially if your bartender is pouring them that way or if your glass is particularly short. That’s where a seltzer really changes the game. These companies have truly (no pun intended) found a way to give you an alcoholic beverage that is only reminiscent of flavored seltzer water. 


At the end of the day it all comes down to preference. Whether you prefer spiked seltzers, light beers, dark beers, red wine or white— the key is to observe your limits and drink responsibly. Make your plans for a day or night of drinking beforehand so that you can plan for it. Eat, take an Uber, and avoid binge drinking. The key is always moderation.