Many of those who come out of recovery are excited to begin a new, addiction-free life. Still, starting again post-recovery isn’t always an easy task. Practicing a few helpful things can be useful for giving you some direction and ensure you stick to your sobriety plans…

Starting Again Post-Recovery: Helpful Methods

Create an aftercare plan

Staying at a rehab center is very helpful when you’re trying to get sober. These facilities offer you a lot of great resources and constant attention to ensure you can sober up in a healthy manner. However, a lot of people worry that they’ll struggle with starting again post-recovery when they finally check out.

A good way to prevent this is to set up a good aftercare plan. In fact, most facilities will walk you through this process. An aftercare plan will set you up with support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, or ones made up of other people who also stayed at that facility. Having that peer-to-peer assistance can provide you with a lot of advice on how to adjust to your new life more easily.

Make a new routine

Odds are that you didn’t have a well-developed routine before you got sober. Even those who do tend to center it around their addiction. Therefore, making a new, healthier routine is great for when you’re starting again post-recovery. Having good routines not just helps to give you stability, but they also can reduce your daily stress.

A great routine to start with is your morning one. Waking up at the same time each day can feel pretty empowering. From there, you can choose what you do next. Some people like to exercise, while others like watching the sunrise. All that matters is that is helps you stay centered and sober!

Seek a new hobby

Having a hobby can be great for when you’re starting again post-recovery. Free time can be somewhat hard to deal with when you’re trying to stay sober. Without anything to do, your mind may start to drift back towards your past addiction. This can stress you out, which can make things even harder on you.

A hobby will give you something to do in that free time. In fact, hobbies can be a great way to improve your own skills and make new friends. Plus, you can now take the money you save from being sober and put it towards something more productive!