Being hungover is absolutely one of the worst parts about a night of fun. You wake up in the morning, and regret ever having taken a sip of alcohol. However, what you might not realize—- is that your hangover is preventable, and you can still have fun. But… how? Staying hydrated is the best, and easiest way, to prevent (or at least lessen) your hangover for the morning to come. But, you have to stay committed to it throughout the night…. 

Staying Hydrated & Preventing Hangover

Hydrating snacks

While french fries, burgers, wings, and nachos are all delicious when you’re drinking— they’re not exactly great, or helping in terms of hydration. So, if you want to stay hydrated, snack on fruits and veggies that hold onto water— like celery. Sure, it’s not the ‘drunchie’ of your dreams, it sure is doing you a better service than that Whopper will.

Use water as your mixer 

Most people are hesitant to drink water al throughout the night, for fear of ‘losing your buzz’. While this ins’t necessarily true, we’ll still humor that decision. So, instead of drinking a solo glass of water, use water as your mixer. Order your vodka with water and a slice of lime. By taking this route, you don’t have to drink a whole water— and you’re still hydrating your body a bit. 

Or, ideally, just drink a water here and there 

Let’s face it— a vodka water just tastes like… watered down vodka. While this might be alright with you, most people are hesitant. So, if you fall into that category— it might be best that you just have a water here and there. It won’t ruin your night, and it might even allow your night to last a bit longer. 

More water before bed 

If you can manage it, drink a glass of water and take an aspirin before bed. If you forget water all night, up until this point— at least drink this one. Add a little bit more water to your system to help your body get rid of that alcohol. A hangover is never fun, and neither is staying hydrated and mindful of your intake all night. However, if you drink smart— you’ll feel a million times better in the morning.