Dealing with alcoholism during pregnancy can add a lot of stress to a time that is meant to be special. You are already dealing with body changes, not to mention negative pregnancy symptoms. And if you are also working on your sobriety, it can feel overwhelming. But many health professionals agree that staying sober while pregnant is very important for your baby’s health. Make a plan, get support, and keep motivation handy to help you tackle your recovery.

Staying Sober While Pregnant: Remember the End Goal

Make a Plan

One way to help with staying sober while pregnant is to make a plan ahead of time. There will be times when you feel overwhelmed and stressed. If you have a plan already worked out, it can help you to feel calmer. You could have a quiet place in your home where you can go to be alone for a few minutes. Turn off your phone and listen to some calming music. You could also ask your partner for a massage. There are also plenty of pre-natal yoga studios and exercise classes that can help you cope with stress. Have a list handy of things to do when you feel stressed.

Ask for Help

Asking for support is a great way of staying sober while pregnant. Your friends and family want you to be successful in your recovery. If you feel comfortable telling them, they can be a great source of support for you. They can lend an ear when you feel stressed and can give you motivation. Another form of help would be alcoholism support groups like AA. You can attend meetings virtually now. Don’t forget to reach out for help when you need it. You don’t need to go it alone.

Keep Motivation Handy

Staying sober while pregnant can be very difficult. But luckily, you have a reminder of your motivation with you all the time. Just feel that little bump and imagine your future baby. You could also keep a sonogram picture handy. Or even a baby item like a tiny sock or something that is meaningful for you. Some women find it helpful to buy a piece of jewelry with your baby’s name on it that you can give them when they’re older. Your child doesn’t need to know everything about your recovery, but when they wear it you can remember how hard you fought for their health before they were even born. You can imagine giving it to them when you’re struggling. Just imagine how proud you’ll feel knowing that you stayed sober for their safety.

Staying sober while pregnant is the best thing you can do for your baby. Although it can be very hard, you can ask for support from family or your spouse. Make a plan for when things get difficult. And keep your motivation handy so that you can use it whenever you need a little extra help. You are already proving that you’ll be a great mother!