Staying sober can be difficult, especially when everyone around you is drinking. When you’re on a mission to cut back on alcohol, places like holiday parties or gatherings to watch a big game are hard to attend. Because they are places where friends will most likely be drinking, you may find it difficult to stay sober. So, what should you do? How do you go about staying sober when everyone around you is drinking? 

Tips for Staying Sober When Everyone Else is Drinking

Find a Drink You Enjoy

One of the best ways for staying sober even when everyone around you is drinking is to find a drink you like. One of the hardest things about avoiding alcohol at times like this is feeling empty handed. It can feel uncomfortable to be the only one not drinking. However, just having a drink in your hand can make you feel more at ease, even if it’s alcohol free.Therefore, it may help to find a drink you like as an alternative to alcohol. For instance, you may go for coffee or tea. However, a mocktail can also be a good solution. These can taste very similar to a cocktail, just without the alcohol included. 

Have a Plan to Say No

Before going to a party or get together, you can assume friends will ask you to drink. In that case, it’s important to have a plan for saying no. If you don’t have a plan, saying no in the moment can be more difficult. At that time, everyone else is drinking and staying sober may not seem that important. So, decide how you’re going to politely decline to drink. In fact, you may even want to practice how to say it and offer a reason for staying sober.

Know When To Make Your Escape

If everyone around you is not only drinking, but becoming drunk, it may be a good time to leave. After all, the point of a party is to have fun. If you find yourself in the middle of a drinking fest, you may not be having the best time. Instead of deciding to join in on the drinking, it may be the best time to make your exit. Knowing when to leave is an important part of staying sober. In the case that you wait too long, you may become more tempted to drink.