If you are starting to consider the possibility that you might need to stop drinking, you might be putting it off just a little bit. There are plenty of reasons you can use to convince yourself to not stop drinking. After all, maybe you don’t have a full blown issue with alcoholism. But, you’ve noticed a dependence, and maybe a bit of binge drinking that is concerning you. So, you’re considering putting an end to it. But, you keep putting it off. Following, we’ve made a small list of the lies we tell ourselves to avoid making the decision to quit. 

Stop Drinking: How We Avoid Making the Move 

You don’t call yourself an alcoholic 

Maybe you’ve acknowledged that you drink a bit too much, but you can’t bring yourself to actually use the word ‘alcoholic’ in reference to yourself. Maybe you think that because you don’t drink a lot every day, that your problem isn’t one worth solving. However, if you find that alcohol is hindering your quality of life, then it might be a problem worth addressing sooner rather than later. 

You haven’t hit your rock bottom 

Often, people need to reach their true ‘rock bottom’ to feel like it’s time to make a change. This lowest of the low is different for everyone— and it’s quite telling. However, if you know that you are on a path to destruction, why not skip your lowest low and begin to move in the right direction once again? You don’t have to completely fall apart to make a change for the better. 

Sobriety is difficult 

Of course, sobriety is a big change. But, it’s a change that requires a lot of work on a daily basis. You’re making a conscious decision to better your life. While that doesn’t always come easy, it is an accomplishment you’re making on a daily basis. Be proud of your hard work! You’re making a strong choice for yourself and your future. 

Every person will have a different journey to their sobriety, and sometimes you might falter. However, it’s the way that you come back from your hard times, and how you march on through your battle that makes all the difference. When you stop drinking, you make time and money available for other things. We encourage you to continue on your journey, and offer our support for this trying time.