When it comes to getting a DWI, most of us think of driving a car or truck while impaired. However, DWI charges can extend past the vehicles you drive on the road. In fact, there are a number of “off-the-road” vehicles that can land you a surprising DWI. 

Surprising DWI: Unsuspecting Drunk Driving Charges

On the Water

One of most common ways to get a surprising DWI happens on the water. Many people hit the lake or ocean with a fishing poles and a cooler for of booze. However, just like driving a car or truck, driving a boat while impaired can land you a DWI charge. In fact, port authority holds the same authority on the water as the police do on the roads. So, next time you take the boat out, be sure to bring a designated sober captain as well. 

On a Bike or Moped

Next of the list, believe it or not, a bike and moped can both become a surprising DWI. According to laws about driving impaired, a bike and moped both fall under the definition of a vehicle. Therefore, operating either of these while under the influence can land you a surprising DWI.

Operating Certain Farm Equipment

While you may not think about a tractor as a vehicle, it does make for one way to face a surprising DWI. In fact, in some cases you can face a DWI on a lawn mower as well. For the most part, these DWI charges occur when the driver takes the lawn mower or tractor on a main road after drinking. However, they can take place on your own property when the yard isn’t fenced in.

In short, it’s important to remember that DWI’s don’t just pertain to cars and trucks. Actually, it’s safe to bet that if you can use it for transportation, you can face a DWI. Therefore, avoid a surprising DWI by not drinking and driving on any type of vehicle.