Drinking is something which can be dangerous when done improperly. However, these risks don’t just apply to adults. There are also some serious underage drinking risks as well. Knowing these risks can help you see why it’s important for teens to avoid alcohol…

How-to Understand Underage Drinking Risks: Potential Dangers

Risky behavior

One of the most prominent underage drinking risks is how it encourages risky behavior. Even for adults, having too much to drink can make them act in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. For teens, this is especially true. In particular, it’s because of some of the other factors that come with being a teen.

For example, many teenagers will act more riskier in general due to feeling like they’re “invincible.” This can get amplified when they drink, pushing their behavior into more dangerous territory. They may also be trying to show off to others, or have others try and pressure them, and so they’ll do something dangerous that they shouldn’t.

Physical health issues

Other underage drinking risks can present themselves in a teen’s physical health. Adults will see negative health issues usually after years of constant, heavy drinking. By comparison, teens can see these issues a lot earlier, even with “normal” levels of drinking. This is because their bodies are still growing and developing, placing them at a higher risk.

In general, teens can see damage to their livers, stomachs, and heart from drinking. Alcohol can also slow bone growth and delay puberty as well. Of course, a teen’s developing brain can also easily be damaged by excessive drinking.

Emotional issues

Mental and emotional issues are also underage drinking risks one needs to watch for. Part of alcohol’s impact on the developing brain is how it leads to emotional issues. Teens who drink tend to feel a lot more depressed and anxious. This can then cause them to want to drink more, creating a bad cycle.

These sorts of issues can last for a long time, if not permanently. A teen may also find that they struggle to think critically and focus when they drink a lot. Many teens who do drink struggle when it comes to school, making matters even harder for them.