When we hear the term DUI, our minds automatically go to the idea of getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. However, every DUI looks a little bit different, especially depending on the vehicle. Unusual DUI charges, such as those provided on a boat, have a tendency to catch people off guard when they receive their citation. Furthermore, some people might not take those unusual DUI’s as seriously. However, any DUI is a serious DUI, no matter the circumstances.

Unusual DUI Charges: Unexpected Citations

Boating and BUI

BUI’s are more common than you might think. Especially in those Summer months when you’re out on the lake all day, drinking, and then head back to the docks. For whatever reason, you’re stopped or met at the dock by an officer who breathalyzes you. Next thing you know, you’re dealing with some of those unusual DUI charges yourself. The standard BAC applies on both land and water. Therefore, finding a DD for the day should apply as well.

Dirt Bikes and ATVs

Something you’ll come to learn either before or after facing your own unusual DUI charges, is that a vehicle is a vehicle. Therefore, ATVs and dirt bikes should be avoided while you’re drinking as well. It may be tempting to jump on your bike, and head over to your local convenience store— or even just show off a wheelie or two to your friends. However, a vehicle is a vehicle.

Even though a dirt bike, or ATV, is not meant to be ridden on the road— does not clear it to be driven under the influence of alcohol

Sitting Behind the Wheel

One of the most unexpected means of unusual DUI charges, is when you aren’t driving at all. In fact, maybe you were just sitting behind the wheel of your car, getting warm, and waiting on your ride to pick you up. In some cases, the motion of your vehicle isn’t part of the problem. Instead, it’s the presence of your keys in the ignition, and the ‘intention’ you’re showing to the officer. In short, if an officer has reason to believe you just drove or were about to do, you could still face a charge.

In order to avoid this unusual DUI, try to stay out of the driver’s seat. Even when your intentions are pure, a DUI is still likely. If you need to have a seat and wait for your ride, do so in the passenger seat. Furthermore, tuck those keys away.

In short, it’s important to remember that a DUI can look differently depending on your vehicle. However, any DUI is serious, and can lead to a loss of license. Therefore, avoid your boat, bike, ATV, or even your driver’s seat when it comes to drinking alcohol. Nothing ruins a fun night like an unexpected, unusual DUI.