You have the right to remain silent. My advice is to exercise this right. If police are asking you questions about a crime they believe you committed you do not have to answer any of their questions. Even if you are innocent it is still not advisable to answer any questions asked by police because they may have a preconceived notion that you have committed a crime and will use anything you say to build a case against you.
The police who are investigating the case will often use different tactics to try to get you to answer question. A lot of times they will say that your honesty and cooperation with them will be appreciated by the District Attorney suggesting that it may help your case or that they just want to help you. Other times they may use scare tactics such as telling you they have enough evidence against you and it is in your best interest to confess. Regardless of what you are told you absolutely do not have to answer any questions.
The police have a job to do which is investigating crime and making a case for the DA. As part of this job description sometimes they will lie to you to get you to answer their questions. Remember you have a right to be silent and it is almost always advisable to exercise it if the police are asking you questions about a case against you.
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