If you have been convicted of DWI or Refusal your driver’s license will be revoked. The revocation period will vary depending on what level DWI you were convicted of. If you in a situation in which your license has been revoked you can request a DMV hearing which may allow you to have your driving privileges in North Carolina restored. The DMV hearing operated much like a court hearing. You may show your own evidence to demonstrate why your driving privileges should be restored.
During a DWI restoration hearing with the DMV you will generally have to bring in witnesses to testify that you no longer excessively consume alcohol nor drive after consuming alcohol. Any witnesses who are brought in for the hearing must be placed under oath before testifying. Only one witness at a time will be interviewed and only the hearing officer along with your attorney will be at the interviews. The hearing officer acts like a judge and will oversee the hearing to make the final determination of the case.
Other pieces of evidence may also be submitted during the hearing. This is especially helpful during refusal revocation hearings. Evidence may be shown to the DMV the test was performed incorrectly or that you did not refuse the test willfully. Also in interlock device hearings evidence can be presented that the device registered a false positive if you are accused of registering alcohol in your system after a device installed on your vehicle.